From Youth Drug Infographics to Uncovering Alcoholism

 - Jul 24, 2012
As alcohol increases its presence in society, individuals must try to counteract its intoxicating appeal. These alcoholism conscious finds make it their mission to do just that.

In an age where alcohol is mercilessly relied on as a means to being social, many individuals are adopting an attitude towards substances that can only be classified as an addiction. This does not only mean that younger generations are at risk, but implies that anyone who comes in contact with alcohol may be at risk.

Although alcohol is regarded as a way to ease societal tensions, it has become a crutch that many lean on to erase the awkwardness of a first meeting, the nervousness of a presentation or as a means to ease and escape stress-filled situations. It must be noted that like mental illness, alcoholism is a disease that deserves society's attention to both cure and support its countless victims.

For many, drinking is a normal activity in life. For others, it is an activity that has systematically destroyed their lives, as well as the lives of their loved ones. With the help of these alcoholism-conscious finds, society will start to understand the impact and detrimental effects of a disease that starts with just one drink.