30 Creatively Stimulating Ads

 - Sep 17, 2008
Trend Hunter Magazine keeps you updated on all the latest internet buzz that surrounds politicians, celebrities, fashion, cars, furniture -- you name it, we have it; including the latest in advertising. Lindsey Erin Heim’s "Poorly Placed Advertising-American Ad Bloopers", tops the list of 30 great ad related articles discovered by hard-working Trend Hunters.

Visually stimulating ads, animal ads, spoof ads, the latest Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft ads, baldness ads are just a few of the many great advertisements to be found amongst this cluster.

Some ads are thought provoking and used to raise awareness about important issues such as Global Warming (Trend Hunter's editor, Bianca Bartz), drinking and driving (Ayman Helweh), smoking (Howard Wu and Cowbag)—as well as inspirational, like the deaf violinist used in a Pantene Commercial (Sylvia Grgas).

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring as far as innovative advertisements go, but I do know this—Trend Hunters will scour the internet to bring them to you.