Creative Buenos Aires Zoo Campaign

 - Aug 29, 2008
References: toxel
The Buenos Aires Zoo has come up with many brilliant and creative ad campaigns over the years to motivate people to visit the zoo and enjoy its population of amazing animals.

Here we present you with 10 print ads from four of their recent campaigns.

The first two ads are from "The kangaroos have arrived" campaign. The ads playfully announce the arrival of the kangaroos by showing other animals with black eyes that they supposedly received from the boxing-happy kangaroos.

The next three ads show different animals yawning to promote the fact that, "Now we also open at night.”

And in order to encourage people to visit the zoo and see the real deal, the zoo released three ads that show a real animal next to a stuffed toy in its image. The ads show you that you can, "Get much more for much less,” by listing the price of the stuffed toy compared to the zoo entry fee, which is much less."

Finally, as a celebration of its 115 anniversary, the zoo released these two ads that show really old and wrinkled elephant and monkey.

The ads in these campaigns were created by Saatchi & Saatchi and Del Campo Nazca ad agencies.