from $20,000 Pecks to Group Smooches In Fashion Ads

 - Jun 9, 2009   Updated: Apr 20 2011
Kissing is one of life's little pleasures and clearly, there are many people who agree.

From teeny pecks to major make-out sessions, many people enjoy being kissed in some capacity.

The following cluster looks at things inspired by this sweet, steamy form of affection, from $20,000 kisses to kissing ad campaigns.

Implications - Romance is being reinvented in culture, with oversexualized products and images. Some innovations aim to bring back the feelings of the first kiss and first love. Consumers want the feeling they they can find their perfect counterparts someday. Brands can play off the sweetness and innocence of kissing to gain the attention of these consumers, as those are things typical sex ads do not portray.