23 Cheese-Inspired Innovations

 - Apr 18, 2009   Updated: Jul 20 2011
Condiments aside, cheese is quite possibly the most popular add-on to any meal.  Available in several varieties and forms, from liquid Cheez Whiz and compressed aerosol “spray cheese” to gourmet wine pairings, one could make the argument that one's cheese consumption habits might reflect their culture or social preference, much like one's taste in art.

Personally, I don't believe any of that, but these artistic and functional cheese-inspired innovations are just awesome!

Implications - Whether you prefer you cheese on its own, melted onto a sandwich or burger, or on crackers, this collection of cheese-inspired innovations is certainly cheese-tastic! Cheese is one of those foods that makes everything just taste so much better. My heart definitely goes out to those people who suffer with lactose intolerance!