18 Disgusting Viral Products, Ads And Innovations

 - Dec 20, 2008
Have you ever heard the phrase, "One man’s myth is another man’s religion"? It works like that regarding all things ‘ewwwy’ too. What is embraced in one culture, like eating bugs or dogs, is looked upon as disgusting in another. The same goes for fashion, advertising and a number of other genres. I’m not sure whether mankinis are perfectly acceptable beach attire in other cultures, but here in the States, most women would say, "Ewww, gross!"

Anti-smoking campaigns are going to great lengths to produce stunning and disgusting visuals to encourage people to quit smoking, or never start. And sometimes ‘ewwwy’ thing are done for charity--like the used tissue of Scarlett Johansson’s that went up for auction on eBay.

The articles below have varying degrees of ‘ewwwness’. Some may cause a mere curling of the nose, whereas others have the power to cause dry heaves among people with weak constitutions. 

If the disgusting, crude, and gross trends below aren’t enough for you, be sure to check out the gallery--surely you’ll find something that will make you go ‘ewww’.

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