15 Innovative Home Offices & Workstations

 - Jul 23, 2008
People are spending more time at computers than ever before, spurring a demand for innovative workstations and ergonomic office furniture.

It doesn't take long before the bodies of the computer-bound start to cramp up, their shoulders slumped forward, their spines curled lazily into the backs of chairs. After a few hours, bum cheeks get numb and not long after, discomfort related irritation sets in.

Many people don't get up from their office chairs unless they need to go for a bathroom break. While long durations of stagnation are bad for the body to begin with, having an office space that isn't functional makes it even worse.

Then there's a huge element of design that comes in to play. For some people, aesthetics are just as important, if not even more vital, than functionality.

These things considered, here are some of the most innovative office concepts featured on Trend Hunter. Some are geared directly at enhancing movement and exercise, others for ultimate relaxation and some as pure eye candy.