- May 17, 2008
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The Sync brings sexy to your office or home with a stylish, yet practical, computer-integrated office desk. All the PC components are smartly built into the design to offer maximum performance and convenience. If you ever want to take a break from computing and go back to traditional ways of reading and writing, the fold-away screen conveniently goes down, giving you ample surface space to do whatever you want.

"'The tower' storage unit for example supports all motherboard sizes, allows adequate cooling and is easily accessible for maintenance," explains designer Gareth Battensby. ÈThe desk includes a built in USB hub for peripherals, scanner, widescreen monitor, webcam, wireless keyboard and mouse, and storage space for CDs and stationary. The easy to access power and DVD unit mean you don't have to lean over your chair to get to them. The fold away screen and keyboard gives you the space for other work when you need it."