From Monstrous Carriages to Bullet-Proof Strollers

 - Jul 24, 2009   Updated: Mar 28 2011
Strollers are not only a necessity when wheeling around an infant or toddler, but they are also a stylish accessory that can have heads turning when you and your tot stroll down the street.

Check out the slideshow below for stylish strollers that will keep your baby smiling.

Implications - Many modern parents aren't content with the boring, dime-a-dozen strollers on the market; instead, they're looking for personalized carriages that reflect their interests and perspectives on parenting. To reach this perennial market and stand out against the competition, designers must think outside the proverbial box and create customized baby-carrying solutions that cater to a specific niche and provide unparalleled aesthetics, features and technology.