10 Innovative Safety Devices For Your Children

 - Aug 20, 2008
Any parent knows that protecting their child is of utmost important to them; they will go to any lengths to ensure the safety of their child.

The following 10 gadgets are examples of innovations that can help put parents at ease. They range from basic and mildly silly inventions like the Thudguard Baby Helmet, which protects the heads of toddlers just learning to walk, to more complex technologies like the Dcontinuum Link Child Locator bracelets, the modern way to keep tabs on your little ones.

These are only ten of many. What’s interesting to note is that while many products geared toward younger children, particularly babies and toddlers, is that they tend to be in the stereotypical pastel shades of baby blue, pink, yellow and green.

These innovations, however, are much sleaker and more sophisticated. Note the ubiquity of silver and blaze orange. This clearly indicates that when it comes to safety, fashion takes a backseat, even for the most style-conscious parents.