From Mike Tyson's Eye To Inked Obamas

 - May 27, 2009   Updated: Aug 4 2011
Mike Tyson's impulsive eye hovering tattoo may reveal the exodus of his sanity, but celebrity tattoos (and tattoos of celebrities) have gone above and beyond Mr. Tyson's.

Mike Tyson is one of many celebrities to ink themselves with or without second thoughts.

While I have yet to see a Mike Tyson tattoo, most of the celebrity tattoos you will see on “die hard” fans push the boundaries of sanity and:well:insanity.

Mike Tyson:you are not alone.

Implications - Celebrities are undoubtedly a massive part of popular North American culture. Exploring the media fascination and obsession with famous figures is a great way to connect to a wide demographic. People from teenagers to the elderly are more mesmerized by celebrity culture than ever before.