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Rebeca Hwang's Motivational Keynote on Identity is Encouraging & Inspirational

 - Jul 17, 2018
References: rivetventures & ted
During her keynote on identity, Rebeca Hwang elaborates on her experience as a Korean immigrant to Argentina and the doors that her multiplicity opened later in life. The speaker is the co-founder and managing director of Rivet Ventures — an investment firm that supports women-led markets.

Naturally, the keynote on identity begins with the crisis immigrants face in a new country. Individuals have to adapt quickly, learn the language, find jobs and essentially rebuild the life they left behind within a culturally new narrative. Eventually, this prompts an uncertainty where Home is. However, Rebeca Hwang chooses to view her culturally-extravagant background as an opportunity.

Her Korean-Argentinian heritage allows her to easily interact with the world on a bigger scale as she is "the overlap between groups of people that usually [find themselves] in conflict." Because of her duality in identity, Rebeca Hwang is able to reinvent herself, applying her skills and knowledge to a multitude of industries as "an inventor, entrepreneur, social innovator, [...], an investor, a woman in tech, a teacher."

Putting to use her unique combination of languages, values and skills, the speaker is able to create commonality in the progressively global world and embrace an identity quest that is diverse and builds on permutations of the self.