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Carol Dweck's Improvement Keynote Supports a Learning Curve Mentality

 - Dec 18, 2014
References: youtube
Inspiring professor Carol Dweck shares an insightful improvement keynote that analyses education and growth from a learning curve perspective. Rather than supporting that we simply prove what we already know, Dweck encourages that we push ourselves to engage with problems and grow our brain's capacity.

According to Dweck, kids live in a generation where they expect constant praise for repeating and optimizing their previously successful actions. The downside to this is that repeating an action doesn't grow an individual's capacity to solve future problems. While many might shy away at tackling a obstacle, issue or setback, it is in those attempts to solve that kids grow. Dweck refers to this desire to work outside of a comfort zone as "not yet" moment. In other words, you are choosing to actively try to solve a problem without denouncing that you are not smart enough to tackle it. As Dweck puts it, it's all about "praising the process that kids engage in."