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This Finding Solutions Speech by Maurice Ashley is Intriguing

 - Sep 19, 2014
References: youtube
Maurice Ashley, grand master of chess, delivers a thought-provoking finding solutions speech that encourages the audience to work backwards when problem-solving.

Sharing various problem-solving methods used in chess such as "chunking" and pattern recognition," Ashley also introduces "retrograde analysis" that involves people finding their solution based on a process that works backwards.

Brining up a sentence on the screen that includes two "the's" in a row, he explains how the brain ignores anything disrupts its path of logic, meaning that most people will not catch the double "the." But upon reading it backwards, they will immediately catch it.

This type of process is used in everything from politics to social work and mathematics, and doesn't just need to be applied in chess. Ashley's finding solutions speech introduces a new way to approach problems in all areas of life.