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From Secrets to Irresistible Meetings to Positive Productivity

 - Nov 29, 2012
This collection of speeches focuses on a variety of ways to improve work cultures and environments. From planning the perfect meeting, to ensuring productivity and even preventing inner-office bullying, these videos offer useful tips and helpful advice to create the most ideal work culture for employees.

Award-winning author and professional keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche offers his seven secrets to irresistible meetings. Having spoken to audiences of over 4,000 people, Jeremy is an authority when it comes to providing memorable experiences. His tips revolve around acting big as opposed to small and making a connection with people in the meeting or at the event.

Other speeches focus on encouraging staff to be social with one another as well as gaining an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of other employees at a company.

From cutting down the number of meetings scheduled in a day to creating creativity-enabling offices for staff members, these speakers offer a handful of ways to improve work cultures.