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From Transportation as Democracy to Undervalued City Economics

 - Feb 7, 2014
These urban development presentations include speeches from some of the world's leading architects, urban planners and environmentalists. A common theme throughout these talks is the focus on utilizing the environment in future design concepts for existing cities and the development of new ones.

The speech from Eduardo Paes (the mayor of Rio de Janeiro) presents four commandments for cities of the future. He believes that a city must be eco-friendly, it must have an advanced transportation system to encourage commuting, it must have socially interactive programs and it must utilize technology to connect people.

Richard Florida's speech argues in favor of citizen involvement in the process of building or rebuilding. He believes that making citizens a part of the process, they will become more empowered and have more incentive to make their communities and cities better places.

The speech by Alex Steffen describes a world in which new cities do not need to be developed to sustain the word's growing populations. He believes that current spaces can be transformed to ensure they are working with the world's ecosystems. The most basic example of this is using the sun for electricity and heating.

These urban development presentations offer inspiration and hope for what the future of our world could like if we act quickly and responsibly.