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These Speeches Spotlight How to Make the Most Out of Your Work Day

 - Sep 14, 2012
Effective time management tips are beneficial for companies and brands of all sizes in any industry. Whether you're working for a small firm with an extremely heavy work load or spearheading a team of 100 people, effective time management plays an integral role in performance. These speakers touch on the values of scheduling, the role of a good night's sleep in productivity and how to efficiently prioritize.

Atul Gawande talks about the benefits of checklists in time management, arguing that they can reduce errors and increase efficiency. Others such as Jason Fried believe that successful time management and productivity can benefit from less meetings and in-office interruptions.

Nigel Marsh, the author of 'Overworked and Underlaid" believes that finding the right job can play a huge role in how effectively someone manages their time. No matter what the angle these speeches take, each speakers a valuable variety of time management tips.