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From Explaining Acts of Terrorism to Preserving the World's Diversity

 - Jan 30, 2015
This collection of talks about violence cover everything from violent acts on a small scale (within the home, towards non-human beings) to mass violence in terms of terrorism and genocide.

In his freedom encouraging speech, Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire discusses rebuilding after a genocide. The UN Task Commander of UNAMIR saw firsthand mass human rights violations as his peace-keeping mission during the Rwandan genocide failed and refers to journalism as "the voice of democracy." In a similar vein, the journalism speech by news producer Nicole Young explains how small voices can be heard through impactive journalism.

When it comes to reducing gun violence, Gary Slutkin believes treating violence as an epidemic. The Peter van Uhm keynote, on the other hand, is on dispelling gun biases and highlighting the positive impacts of firearms.