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From Creating a Winning Culture to the Lessons in Failure

 - Jan 21, 2016
Even though an optimistic point of view is not necessarily valued, these talks about positive thinking explain the benefits of looking on the bright side of life.

Deepak Chopra discusses reinventing the body in his speech and how you can reinvent your physical being through simple and fundamental activities. The author, physician and speaker identifies cultivating positive emotions and emotional wellbeing as some of these actions.

Shawn Achor explains the effects of happiness on potential, which has applications to your personal life and your success in the workplace. Melanie Cook also talks about positive thinking and the role hope plays in being a good leader. She outlines what it takes to lead in the digital age and a different mindset that is necessary to retain millennial workers.

Positive thoughts can make a huge difference on an individual level, but also affects group moral and communities.