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These Speeches Examine and Compare Political Systems

 - Aug 15, 2013
These speeches on politics examine various political system styles, take a close look at politics in specific countries and speculate on the future of politics. Speakers in this collection include President Barrack Obama and comedian Stephen Colbert.

Eric X. Li compares democracy to the political system implemented in China. Li argues that democracy may be the most popular political system, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best, or most effective way to govern.

Clay Shirky discusses open-sourced politics in his speech about the Internet. He claims that legislation, statutes and political documents should be clearly outlined and available on the Internet. He believes that this makes sense in a democracy.

Comedian Stephen Colbert talks about his book, and the state of American politics in his speech on America. He critiques politicians, and thanks them for providing him with so much material for his show.

These informative and thought-provoking speeches on politics inspect political systems from numerous angles.