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These Speeches About Success Encourage Setting Smaller Goals

 - Jul 19, 2013
This collection of speeches about success hone in on the value of setting smaller goals for yourself. While ambition is an incredibly important quality to possess, it often leads to people taking on more than they can handle, setting unrealistic goals and ending up disappointed in themselves. The speakers featured here encourage listeners to set smaller goals so that the journey -- and not just the accomplishment -- can be celebrated. By setting smaller goals, one's confidence will increase each time one of them is achieved.

World-renown professional speaker Anthony Robbins believes that tiny changes can create big and lasting results. He sees setting incredibly ambitious goals as a trap for disappointing yourself.

Keith Yamashita believes that being able to identify a problem or a situation in which you are stuck with no solution is the first step in reaching your goals. Once you identify the problem, you should collaborate with others for exterior inspiration and advice.

Derek Sivers tells his audience to keep their goals to themselves. He states that people who keep their goals and ambitions close to their chest experience a higher success rate.

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