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From Contemporary Adventures to Categorizing Your Fears

 - Aug 3, 2014
This collection of speeches discusses a variety of strategies for positively pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone and to tackle fears -- be they professional or personal. These speeches categorize certain fears to provide insight and they also show what can happen when someone grows complacent and paralyzed by their fears of failure.

Scott Steinberg believes that the fear associated with moving outside your comfort zone is actually very positive and can lead to personal growth through adaptation and a change of pace. He does note, however, that high levels of anxiety associated with pushing yourself outside a comfort zone need to be addressed differently and it is important to be able to differentiate between the two.

Bruce Muzik's speech is extremely honest and eye-opening. As a secret racist for over 28 years and determined to overcome it, he moved to a small African village where he was the only white person within five miles. It was because of these fears and feelings of discomfort that when faced head on, he was able to experience self-liberation.

Whether pushing yourself for personal or professional reasons, these videos offer inspiring stories and effective strategies.