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From Social Power of Language to the Power of Intangible Value

 - Feb 21, 2014
These presentations on psychology approach the topic from a variety of perspectives. Hearing from some of the world's most educated and respected scientists, neuroscientists and psychologists, viewers will gain an understanding on the connections between the brain and one's behavior for a number of activities and situations. From the psychology of back pain to the origins of morality, these speeches cover a wide range of topics.

The speech about back pain by Silje Endresen Reme explains how "chronic back pain" is essentially all mental. She argues that back pain that individuals experience is directly related to personal problems with which one is dealing.

Gad Saad's speech explores the connections between psychology and consumerism. He discusses the rise in testosterone levels when men spend a lot of money and how a women's menstrual cycle can impact the impulse to shop or not as well as the desire to dress up.

The psychology of dieting and other mental illnesses are also explored here by Alisa Anokhina and Andrew Solomon. These presentations on psychology offer in-depth, but easily understandable explanations of the human behavior.