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These Speeches Offer Insight and Tips for Success in Business

 - Aug 7, 2013
These presentations by entrepreneurs offer business-minded individuals helpful tips for success. New businesses are emerging all the time, and these insightful speeches provide young entrepreneurs with advice for creating a successful start-up. Some of these speeches also offer tips on what not to do when beginning a business.

Richard Branson (of Virgin Mobile) discusses essential qualities that a leader must possess in his budding entrepreneur speech. He says that companies are made up of people, and so a leader must be a good listener, as well as a good motivator.

Jake Nickell is one of the founders of, which is a successful crowd-sourced t-shirt company. In his keynote, he discusses the importance of staying creative. He also encourages people to put themselves outside of their comfort zone in order to grow.

Business man Kevin O'Leary states that finding balance between work and one's personal life successfully is a myth. He says that to be successful in business, one needs to be constantly focused.

These interesting entrepreneur speeches are filled with advice for ambitious students.