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From Alternate Notions of Beauty to the Power of Introverts

 - Apr 25, 2013
This collection of speeches discusses the power of diversity when it comes to business, government, education and other topics. These talks, which include innovation keynote speeches to addresses from government officials, all hone in on the value a team of people with diverse thinking, backgrounds, educations and opinions possesses.

One of the most notable speeches comes from Susan Cain who argues that the most successful teams and companies out there will have a balance between introverts and extroverts as employees. She discusses the different qualities each group possesses and explains how both are needed to to fuel success.

Similarly, founder and CEO of Marcus Ventures Lucy P. Marcus discusses the impact a diverse boardroom committee for any company. She notes that diversity in terms of education, experience, age, sex, political views and ethnicity all contribute to a more successful company.

These speeches effectively demonstrate the power of diversity in a number of professional areas.