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These Motivational Presentations Examine True Persistence

 - Jul 3, 2013
Different strategies for overcoming rejection in one's career are presented in this collection of motivational presentations. Rejection is always something difficult to cope with, and unfortunately, there are many individuals who have a very hard time moving on afterwards. These speeches feature a variety of very well known individuals who share their experiences with rejection and why they persisted and didn't give up.

One of these individuals is Oprah Winfrey; she shares the story from earlier in her career when many networks either didn't want to pick her up or wanted her to change her look and name. She encourages her audiences to continue pursuing their dreams and to take every experience -- both positive and negative -- as an opportunity to grow.

Another well-known individual to share his story of rejection here is BobMankoff, a cartoonist at The New Yorker. Before he was finally hired on to the magazine in 1997, every single one of the 2,000 cartoons he submitted were rejected. He believes if you are passionate about something, persistence and patience will eventually pay off.

These motivational presentations remind people -- regardless of what industry or field they work in -- to never give up and to keep moving forward in life.