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The Mark Melymick Teaching Creativity Keynote Promotes Passion

 - Oct 13, 2012
References: linkedin & youtube
The Mark Melymick teaching creativity keynote tells the audience how to bring imagination to the classroom. He has developed his own acronym called the "PEA Approach," P meaning promote creativity, E meaning encourage, and A standing for allow it.

Melymick believes that every student and person can be creative. He believes that creativity shouldn't be stuck in the arts, but should be in seen in every classroom. He says that teachers have to stop being afraid of rejection and the fact that they may not reach every student.

His acronym is a truly useful guide for teachers everywhere. Melymick goes on to explain it in more detail so that teachers can begin to use this in their classrooms. Promoting creativity is so important for teachers, and teachers can't be afraid to do things a little differently in the classroom. Teachers also must encourage creativity and can do this by allowing students to ask questions and having teachers receive any question with an open mind. Finally, teachers must just facilitate creativity, allow students to do things differently, and take different approaches to assignments if they ask for it.

If all these things are done, students should become much more passionate about what they're learning. This is a solid keynote speech about how one can promote creativity in the classroom.