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From Non-Invasive Surgery to Cellular Medical Innovations

 - Feb 21, 2014
These talks on medical technologies showcase some of the truly impressive and revolutionary breakthroughs both the pharma and medical industries have witnessed. It is interesting to acknowledge that social media is beginning to play a role in a variety of medical services being provided to those in need.

The speech by Dr. Quyen Nguyen demonstrates how technology is making surgical procedures quicker, easier and more effective for doctors. She and her team have discovered a way to make cancerous tumors within the body turn a neon green color, making it easier for doctors to see them and to complete a thorough removal. This can also prevent doctors from having to re-open a patient, which can be very dangerous.

Geraldine Hamilton created a chip that will hopefully create a medical world in which humans and animals don't need to be used as guinea pigs when new products or medicines emerge. The chip mimics a human body, allowing doctors to use it for various tests.

These speeches on medical technologies truly demonstrate just how far the medical world has come in terms of innovation.