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From Community-Based Commerce to Deviant Globalization

 - Nov 28, 2012
There seems to be a high amount of predictions on what the global economic landscape will look like as is demonstrated in this collection of speeches on the future of the economy. This list features various experts from different fields and some of the projections for the future are truly interesting.

Both Andrew McAfee and Kevin O'Leary envision a global market and economy in which robots and automation hold a prominent position. While some argue that this is a bad thing for people in terms of losing work, O'Leary thinks it will benefit people because it will create more space and opportunity for people to become involved in more advanced work and allow them to make better use of educational experience.

Don Tapscott, a seasoned expert when it comes to the economy and the digital era, sees a future in which bankers and investors (on Wall Street, for example) will be held accountable to the public for every single transaction made or stock purchased.

Robert Neuwirth sees an increase in flea markets as well as its concepts being integrated more into the Western global market. He refers to this type of economy as the informal and economy. He projects that "over the next 15 years, cities in emerging economies [informal economy] will create 50 percent of the world’s economic growth."

From more investment in Africa and India to entire markets existing online, the future of the economy is looking very different than its state today.