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From the Power of Purpose to Non-Linear Jobs

 - Apr 25, 2014
Featuring some very well-known and respected individuals, this collection of speeches zeroes in on how one can find fulfillment at work. No matter what the position, company or industry, it seems that people everywhere are not satisfied with the levels of fulfillment they receive from their jobs.

According to Anthony Robbins, the simplest way to feel fulfilled is to set clear goals. It is easier to devise an effective strategy when there are clear goals in place. These goals need to complement one's values in life in order for fulfillment to be achieved.

The secret to fulfillment, according to Sir Ken Robinson, is being able to tap into your own talents and skills. Too often is the case that people are in the wrong field, leading to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. If people were able to explore their creative and non-traditional interests and passions at an earlier phase in their education, we would see a drastically lower number when it comes to people being unhappy at work.

Lastly, Roy Spence suggests that paying it forward is the secret to fulfilling work. People's careers will be sprinkled with instances of being helped by friends, strangers and colleagues, and returning the favor either immediately or some time down the road, can create a feeling of fulfillment many people wouldn't think existed.

Finding fulfillment at work is an experience many assume they'll never have, but these speeches offer a breath of much needed optimism.