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From Start-Up Secrets to Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

 - Mar 28, 2013
This collection of twelve different speeches highlights the most important basics of business today. Featuring iconic entrepreneurs like Guy Kawasaki and Simon Sinek, the keynotes offer specific tips and advice for budding entrepreneurs and business-hungry individuals.

Kawasaki and Sinek both discuss the importance of being motivated by purpose and to find meaning in one's entrepreneurial endeavors. Kawasaki's business innovation keynote argues that the only way to make meaning within a company is by increasing the quality of life, righting a wrong and by preventing the end of something good in the world today.

Larry Page, on the other hand, sees a strong, like-minded team as the most important factor to manage when starting a business. He believes that new entrepreneurs should never settle on a team; they should continuously work to find a team with aligned passions, drive and work ethic.

No matter what industry or field you're looking to get into, these speeches offer applicable and relevant business basics.