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 Keynote Speaker

Marlon Franco

Consultant/Web Developer/IT/ASO/SEO/Blogger
Member Since
Mar 2011
Marlon is a proud Pinoy from Manila, an IT Pro, Gamer, with a passion for writing. A graduate from The Fisher Valley College, he has since worked for numerous IT companies including IBM, Convergys, ACS. Currently a Helpdesk Analyst for Telus International, and a part time Contributor Editor for, he actively hunts for new trends on a daily basis. Marlon also enjoys watching films in his free time. Although very ambitious, nothing is more important to him than his family, as he's madly in love with his wife, Mara and a proud Dad for his son, Teo.

To get to know more of Filipino Culture, check my site
What is unique that's not in your bio?
can't write while someone is beside me or reading it while i am writing it
What's your favorite accomplishment?
i am earning $$$ online thru my websites via adsense
What is your secret to uncovering trends?
google, going out, watching movies, reading magazines
What do you enjoy most about Trend Hunter?
it has all the coolest stuff
What is your favorite trend?
eco-friendly stuff, skate shoes
What are your tips for writing a juicy post?
be yourself, write it in your own words and base it on your own opinion
How do you reset to be creative?
drink energy drink, write while everyone is sleeping ..
What inspires or excites you?
my baby, he inspires me a lot and that is why i work hard
Predict something awesome for 2020?
flying cars
Midas Touch Controllers
Midas Touch Controllers
These Golden Xbox Gaming Accessories are Luxuriously Fun
These featured golden Xbox gaming accessories are definitely going to appeal to those looking for that luxurious quality in every product they own. This collection is made from 22K gold, matching the… MORE
DIY Masonry
DIY Masonry
The MecoPress by MecoConcept Lets You Make Your Own Bricks Like an Egyptian
The MecoPress by MecoConcept lets you make your own mud bricks just as the Egyptians used to. Mud bricks have a longer life span than modern bricks, and this kit lets you make your own LEGO-like solid… MORE
Private Part Piano Players
Private Part Piano Players
The Greece You've Got Talent Show Gets a Shocking Surprise Performance
Two bizarre piano players from the Greece You've Got Talent show revealed a unique way to play the classic instrument. Using their -- ahem -- members, the duo shocked judges by dropping their drawers and… MORE
Hip Hop Hottie Ads
Hip Hop Hottie Ads
Vida Guerra Gets Naked for the PETA Campaign
Vida Guerra is the latest celebrity to strip down for a Green Cause. Vida, the ever voluptuous vixen, is best known in the hip-hop community and often appears in music videos. She has decided to lend her… MORE
Eco Arboreal Consoles
Eco Arboreal Consoles
The Wooden Xbox by Ben Winfield Will Blow Your Mind
The Wooden Xbox, a 1:1 copy of the original Xbox from Micrososft, is an absolute must-have for gamer freaks and the eco-conscious. Sculpted by Ben Winfield, this Wooden Xbox looks like the real thing,… MORE
15-Hour Laptop Batteries
15-Hour Laptop Batteries
The Sony Vaio S Stays Powered Up Through Marathon Work Sessions
Over the years, I have found that the battery life of laptops or notebooks range wildly. I've seen some laptops push nine hours, while some can't even clear an hour and a half. If you're looking for the… MORE
Charitable Meet-and-Greets
Charitable Meet-and-Greets
Kim Kardashian Wants to Meet You, But Only to Benefit Japan
Kim Kardashian wants to meet you, and the voluptious vixen is giving us plebeians this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in New City to raise money for earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. The meet-and-greet… MORE
"Hand Phone" Headsets
"Hand Phone" Headsets
The DIY Bluetooth Glove Lets You Answer Calls Like You're Playing Pretend
This DIY Bluetooth Glove headset has to be one of the silliest gloves we've ever featured. Rachel, the glove's designer, stuffed the guts of a Bluetooth headset into a regular winter glove. The speaker… MORE
Survivalist Supplements
Survivalist Supplements
Survival Tabs Are Food Rations for Post-Armageddon Pill-Poppers
The recent devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan reminds us all that we can never be prepared enough for an emergency, and these Survival Tabs are the ideal complement to the emergency kit that the… MORE
Eye-Controlled Computers
Eye-Controlled Computers
You'll Love the Lenovo Tobii Laptop at First Sight
Swedish computer manufacturer Tobii has collaborated with Lenovo to create the world’s first ever eye-controlled laptop. It's called the Tobii laptop, with a sensor bar below its LCD that tracks the user’s… MORE
Bark Brick Makers
Bark Brick Makers
The Paper Briquette Log Maker Will Help You Make Homemade Burning Materials
The world is in a state of disarray, with any and every eco-conscious action serving as a helping hand to preserving the planet. With that being said, why not make your own energy-efficient burning materials… MORE
Senior-Friendly Desktops
Senior-Friendly Desktops
The KIWIPC Makes Computing Super Easy for the Elderly
The KIWIPC is a senior-friendly PC that runs off a Linux-based operating system, featuring a super simplified and intuitive interface. Providing the elderly with an easy way to stay in touch with their… MORE
Natural Disaster Charity Tees
Natural Disaster Charity Tees
Support Japan's Relief Efforts With this Help Japan T-Shirt
Reach out to those who in need with this Help Japan T-Shirt. With the recent unfortunate natural disasters in Japan, organizations have made it easy for you to aid the relief efforts happening in that… MORE
Eco-Friendly Plant-Based Bottles
Eco-Friendly Plant-Based Bottles
PepsiCo's Take on Coke's Green Bottles
PepsiCo Inc. has joined the eco movement with their Pepsi plant-based bottles. These plant-based bottles topple the cola company's competitor in terms of reducing carbon footprint. PepsiCo plant-based… MORE