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I'm Zach, a self described social media passionisto (and yes I made that word up). I've been active in social media for several years, and in the past two have turned my love for sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and blogging into my business. I thrive on communication.

I have a saying... Social Media is three things. First, it's Social meaning you have to interact, communicate, discuss, argue, debate and talk with people all the time. Second, it's ME meaning there has to be someone behind it. Whenever I interact, people will know it's a person behind the interaction. Lastly, it's DIA, which I say is Do It Awesome - there's no shortcuts. You do it right, or you shouldn't waste your time.

I've joined the Trend Hunter team to bring my passion to the table. Let's interact! Trends... it's all about being social!