The 'Why Coffee and Tea Are Amazing For You' Chart is Revealing

By: Erin Kirkpatrick - Aug 22, 2012
References: greatist
For those who consume copious amounts of caffeinated beverages, the 'Why Coffee and Tea Are Amazing For You' infographic is a must-read. In an intense showdown, this graphic breaks down the caffeine content, daily consumption habits and the health benefits of coffee and tea.

According to the infographic, the average coffee drinker consumes 70 gallons a year, while the average tea drinker consumes only about 10 gallons a year. With regard to the health benefits of the two, tea contains antioxidants that aid in cancer prevention. By contrast, coffee has been shown to improve memory and can increase the rate of calorie burning in the body.

Enhance your understanding on the health benefits of coffee by perusing this graphic, possibly with a cup of java in hand.