The Granite T-Rex Skull Whiskey Rocks are a Playful Way to Chill Drinks

By: Michael Hemsworth - Apr 3, 2017
References: theapollobox & thegadgetflow
The Granite T-Rex Skull Whiskey Rocks by Whiskey Bones are a playful piece of equipment to chill down scotch, bourbon or whiskey without having to utilize real ice. The rocks are crafted from genuine granite in order to make them a quality piece of equipment that are easily cleaned and that won't allow residual flavors to stick to them.

The Granite T-Rex Skull Whiskey Rocks work by being stored in the freezer to be pulled out and dropped into a snifter of liquor whenever required. The fun whiskey stones are purported to keep their cool temperature far longer than traditional ice and will never melt or dilute your drink while you're sipping it to ensure it will taste the same from beginning to end.