Twitterich Will Donate 1 Million Followers to a Random User

By: Katherine Vong - Published: Jun 27, 2012 • References: twitterich and adweek
If you have at least one million followers on Twitter, the people at Martin Agency creatives would consider you "Twitterich." If you don't, the agency has just created a campaign to give away that many followers to one lucky Twitter user.

And that Twitter could be you. You just have follow the account @1MillionRicher, and once that account reaches 1 million followers, the Twitterich folks will donate them to a random person who has followed the account. While it might sound strange, and perhaps a ruse to gain followers for a spammy account, the video at says it's not a scam at all -- they just want you to be "dirty, filthy, stinking Twitterich."

At any rate, you could gain 1 million followers in a flash, so why not try it out?