Kenji Alucky Creates an Organic Effect with Stippling Tattoos

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Sep 22, 2013 • References: facebook and thisiscolossal
Kenji Alucky is a Japanese artist who produces amazing tattoos through stippling. Alucky is currently working out of New York City, creating these spiritual looking abstract tattoos. These tattoos are so intricate and dynamic it is hard to believe they’re all done through stippling.

Stippling is an artistic technique that uses the point of a pencil or brush, in this case a needle, to create an image. One can only imagine how complicated and time-consuming these projects really are. Alucky demonstrates shading, geometric shapes and patters that are interconnected and interlocking, which really show the vastness of his talents. These are not your classic tattoos; Alucky tattoos the inside of fingers, palms and arms in almost spiritually cosmic patterns. It’s interesting to see the application of artistic techniques to tattoo art.