Those that simply can't get enough sushi are sure to find the simplistically designed 'Sushi-Time' Sushi Plate by Mint Design a perfect addition to a traditional Japanese meal. The subtly designed plate features a sloped surface that angles toward the middle well to keep soy sauce or other liquids from spilling off the surface.

The 'Sushi-Time' Sushi Plate by Mint Design features perfectly contoured slots to keep chopsticks in place while serving or cleaning up. The stark white finishing of the 'Sushi-Time' Sushi Plate by Mint Design means that the various cuisine offerings will vibrantly pop in comparison and looks even more appetizing to the solo eater or visiting guests.

The 'Sushi-Time' Sushi Plate by Mint Design is a modern approach to cuisine and an interesting take on a product designed specifically for one kind of food.