The Electrocompanient 'TANA' Wireless Streaming Systems are Chic

By: Michael Hemsworth - Feb 25, 2016
References: & homecrux
The connected home is a common phrase these days with new products like the Electrocompanient 'TANA' Wireless Streaming Systems being released regularly. However, these audio/video systems are designed to be unlike what we've seen before. Including the 'TANA SL-1' and the 'TANA L-1,' the systems help stream audio from devices and/or Internet radio as well as other sources as well.

Working with services like Spotify, TIDAL and more, the Electrocompanient 'TANA' Wireless Streaming Systems can also help stream video content as well. This helps to conjoin previously separate systems and help to unify home entertainment streaming capabilities.

Being that the connected home is quite segmented with an app for this and a hub for that, it's likely we'll continue to see more products that unify capabilities like the 'TANA' system in the near future.