The Nona Lim’s Heat & Sip Soup Cups are Quick to Heat and Eat

By: Michael Hemsworth - Feb 4, 2017
References: preparedfoods
Created as a snack beverage, the Nona Lim’s Heat & Sip Soup Cups are a convenient way for a person to heat and eat a snack while on-the-go. The new lineup of soups come in several flavor options including Carrot Ginger, Tomato Thai Basil, Thai Curry & Lime Bone Broth, Miso Broth and Vietnamese Pho Bone Broth. The focus on bone broth speaks to a growing consumer demand for foods that are simple to consume but packed with macro and micronutrients to increase their overall vitality.

The packaging for the Nona Lim’s Heat & Sip Soup Cups is inspired by portable coffee cups that can be held with a single hand and sipped as desired to increase overall portability and convenience.