The Primeknit NMD Omega Sock Shoes Look Stylish and Feel Cozy

By: Michael Hemsworth - Apr 26, 2017
References: yankodesign
Socks are often worn inside sneakers, but the Primeknit NMD Omega sock shoes aim to change this with a design that blends the two products together. Designed by Antoine Beynel, the Primeknit NMD Omega sneakers are intended to offer a fashionable aesthetic that is inherently comfortable to wear.

Sporting a comfort level that's compared to a comfy pair of socks, the Primeknit NMD Omega sneakers boast a more substantial outsole than other sockless sneakers on the market. This enables a person to wear them without socks and not look like they're wearing a pair of shoes specifically design to be worn as such.

The Primeknit NMD Omega sock shoes boast a comfortable yet stylish aesthetic that make them ideal for wear for sporting or leisure activities.