The Bulk Powders 'PROM3GA' Premium Fish Oil is Rich in Nutrients

By: Michael Hemsworth - Feb 28, 2017
References: bulkpowders & trndmonitor
Busy lifestyles have created a newfound need for nutritional support, so products like the Bulk Powders 'PROM3GA' Premium Fish Oil supplements are being developed.

The Bulk Powders 'PROM3GA' Premium Fish Oil is packed with over 3,300mg of Omega 3 fish oil as well as 4,500IU of vitamin D3. These and other ingredients work together to help support heart functions, muscle functions as well as contribute to a healthy immune system and optimal bone health.

The Bulk Powders 'PROM3GA' Premium Fish Oil supplement has Friend of the Sea certification which means that the oils used in the soft gels are sustainably and responsibly sourced. As consumer demographics such as Millennials continue to eliminate meals in favor of smaller more frequent snacks, supplements will likely continue to see a growing level of interest.