Praise the Pig by Jennifer L. S. Pearsall Offers Great Tips and Tricks

By: Michael Hemsworth - Oct 9, 2015
References: amazon & uncrate
There's no doubt that there are many chefs out there -- amateur and professional -- who do indeed give pork the credit it deserves as being one of the most versatile meats out there, but Praise the Pig by Jennifer L. S. Pearsall will definitely help to offer some unique insights behind the meat for all to benefit from.

Whether you're a seasoned porker (have I just invented a new name for a pork-loving chef?) or a noob, Praise the Pig: Loin to Belly, Shoulder to Ham--Pork-Inspired Recipes for Every Meal by Jennifer L. S. Pearsall will give you all the necessary information to make sure that even before you make it into the kitchen that you've picked up the right cut that's appropriate for the breakfast, lunch or dinner you're preparing.