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The Au Jour Le Jour Spring 2013 collection features playfully patterned fashion styles that will surely attract a younger generation looking for that fun and flirty style.

While growing up into adulthood has its benefits, sometimes we wish we could just be young again, and these playful and vibrant looks from the Au Jour Le Jour Spring 2013 line will surely bring you back to your youthful days. The significant use of pink and pastel colors in both the backdrop and clothing pieces serves to create that innocent and lighthearted appeal. Blending that in with the use of striped patterns and images of panda bears serves to give the collection child-like references, that are both nostalgic and intriguing.

If you feel like embracing your youth and want something feminine and fun to wear, then the Au Jour Le Jour Spring 2013 collection has everything you need to look youthful.