The Mutato Project by Uli Westphal Showcases Bizarre Produce

By: Jordan M - Mar 24, 2011
References: & thecoolist
Thousands of misshapen vegetables and fruits never get the chance to break into the marketplace, but thankfully the Mutato Project by Uli Westphal offers a rare look at these forgotten foodstuffs.

From lemons that look like octopi to strawberries that are just all over the place, the Mutato Project by Uli Westphal features the familiar fruits and vegetables of daily life as you've most likely never seen them before.

Most importantly, the Mutato Project by Uli Westphal shows that the consistently "perfect" produce that supermarkets always seem to offer isn't the full story. If a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, for example, would a three-pronged carrot still taste the same as a "normal" one? These are the questions that Uli Westphal challenges his viewers with in this fascinating collection.