Ganja Gourmet, Where You Never Want to Stop Eating

By: boom chicky boom - Dec 14, 2009
References: originalganjagourmet & huffingtonpost
If you walk through the doors of Ganja Gourmet in Denver, without knowing anything about the restaurant, the pictures on the wall of Bob Marley and Mona Lisa smoking a joint will be your first clue that you have not arrived at a typical restaurant.
Steve Horowitz, Co-owner of Ganja Gourmet, says the restaurant is the first of its kind to offer salads, lasagna, pizza, and desserts, all cooked or baked with marijuana. Anyone who can show a medical cannabis ID card is welcome to experience a taste of the high life. There is also a ‘bud bar’ where the ‘Budtender’ will sell you whatever strain of marijuana you desire. Customers can relax and socialize in a lounge area. They even offer a courtesy ride home if you get too high to drive.

The city has been getting inundated with application requests to open marijuana dispensaries in general, but recently put a freeze on approving any more until they can get stricter regulations put in place on how they are managed.