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As far as seductive beach photoshoots go, the Madame le Figaro May 2012 editorial nails it with some added flair. Model Hilary Rhoda's wet hair, sun-kissed skin and curve-hugging outfits draw the eyes to all her important bits, creating a sensual vibe that is hard not to succumb to.

The Madame le Figaro May 2012 editorial was shot by New York-based photographer Nico Iliev. Styled in typical beachwear including sexy swimsuits, drench button-down shirts and cinching belts, the American beauty retains a hold on her elegant and regal demeanor throughout the photoshoot. The rocky backdrop and blue skies add texture and color to the otherwise simple and monochromatic outfits.

Rhoda's braided locks and smokey eyes complete the looks showcased throughout the Madame le Figaro May 2012 editorial.