Those who love a few good old drinks, and not afraid of trying the relishing cocktails, will love the Konstantin Datz Cocktail Poster Illustrations that actually give you the secret ingredients to concocting the perfect cocktail.

German student Konstantin Datz worked on a project that illustrates the infographics on sweetly intoxicating cocktails. Showing the secret ingredients of the world's most common 35 cocktails so that now you can whip up one sitting right at home. Some of them include interesting names like 'Zombie,' 'Long Island Ice Tea,' 'Rum and Cola' and so many other tempting alcoholic treats.

So if you get bored of your margarita or root beer, Konstantin Datz Cocktail Poster Illustrations sure has a truck load of hard-hitting drinks. Simply whip through this gallery and one look itself will get you drunk.