The 'How the Internet is Ruining Your Brain' Infographic Speaks a Sad Truth

By: Harris Jay Rosenberg Alterman - Apr 13, 2012
References: mashable
The 'How the Internet is Ruining Your Brain' Infographic reveals that people are spending way too much time on the web and it's slowly turning their brains into pudding. This graph mainly applies to people in North America who make up the vast majority of Internet users.

All of the Internet users combined spend 35 billion hours a month surfing the Web. Most Web users also keep open multiple tabs and switch back and forth rapidly. This means that people are now taking in more information than ever before. However, this is not necessarily a positive thing because all of this Internet use causes the mind to become stressed leading to lower creativity levels. Luckily once our minds melt, Google can do all the thinking for us because as the infographic says, Google has "REPLACED OUR BRAINS."