The AdHoc Tea Egg with Hourglass Timer Brews Perfect Cups Every Time

By: Michael Hemsworth - Sep 20, 2016
References: amazon & thegreenhead
Coming in red and black color options, the AdHoc Tea Egg with Hourglass Timer enables tea enthusiasts to enjoy a fresh cup without having to set a separate timer.

The infuser works with loose leaf teas and features a wand-inspired aesthetic that makes placing and removing the infuser from a mug quick and effective.

The incorporated timer on the tea infuser can be set from one to five minutes, depending on what the tea blend calls for or the preference for the level of strength desired. When removed from a fresh cup of tea, the AdHoc Tea Egg with Hourglass Timer can be placed in the included drip-free stand that allows the brewer to enjoy their tea now and cleanup later.